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There is a lot of 24 merchandise available that can help turn your office or bedroom into CTU.

Jack Bauer’s watch

One of the coolest accessories that is easily available online is Jack Bauer’s watch that he wears in Season 5.

It’s a military watch and is available quite cheaply in some brands and is quite expensive if you’re after the real deal. For the budget Jack Bauer look I’d recommend the below:

Military Royale Watch

A Cheap Jack Bauer Watch

At just £16 it’s fairly cheap as watches go, and it leaves you looking like Jack. It has a stainless steel buckle and a rubber band strap. It’s made by Military Royale.

For fans after the best Jack Bauer look you have to get the watch below. Even those who aren’t die hard 24 fans would agree this is a cool watch. The Luminox Gents Navy Seal Colormark Strap Watch (to give its full title) is a high quality Swiss watch. Luminox are the official provider of watches to the US Navy so they’re capable of withstanding all weather condition with no problem at all (i.e. Water resistant to 200m). The strap is a silky plastic that feels great against the wrist. Plastic is so much better than leather or fabric because it won’t stink or decay after a while – it would last Jack Bauer an entire series. If you’re looking for a watch that looks tactical and Bauer-esque, this watch is for you.


Luminox Watch worn by Jack Bauer

Jack Bauer's Watch

Jack Bauer’s bag

Season 5 was very good for accessible Jack Bauer gear. One of his more popular accessories was Jack’s satchel or bag. It’s great for carrying books, iPads or Kindles.

Jack Bauer bag in Season 5

Jack Bauer bag in Season 5

There are a few good versions of the bag readily available online.  Below we see the Billabong Men’s Gravity bag.  It’s a satchel that falls great over the shoulder.  You can definitely feel like Jack when walking around the city with your iPad and other gadgets inside this bag.


Billabong Gravity Bag

Billabong Gravity Bag like Jack Bauer's

Modern day 24 accesories

It won’t be long until 24 is back in our lives with 24 The Movie and it will be great to see what new gadgets he can’t cope without.  Nowadays it seems like everyone has a smartphone and asks themselves “how can I extend my phone’s battery?” on a daily basis.  Imagine if Jack needed to phone CTU but his phone died of juice?  Fear not, the Duracell USB charger can provide you with essential battery power to keep your iPad, mp3 player or android phone going that little bit longer.  It’s charged in your electricity socket like most things, and turns green when it’s ready to use.  It can also be charged via your laptop/PC and has multiple connecting sockets (micro USB for example).


duracell 5 hour usb charger

Extend your phone's battery with a portable charger

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